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Glenn Carter


I was born and raised in the suburbs of North London, England - with Pink Floyd and Deep Purple buzzing around my brain. After being a real pain in the ass, my mother succumbed to buying me a guitar when I was aged nine. The only instrument I have ever really been drawn to ,although I do regret not learning piano as well at that age. The guitar was the equivalent of a cheese grater with horrendously thick strings. I played it till my fingers bled..(ala Mr Adams) A long and sometimes frustrating apprenticeship. Having taught guitar workshops I know exactly how students feel hitting that F chord for the first time.


Although the Beatles had been everywhere around me in the sixties, growing up,I felt myself drawn to the more unusual, interesting sometimes fringe and eclectic bands of the era.  The Doors. Golden Earring .The Guess Who. Be Bop. Deluxe. T Rex. Steely Dan. Humble Pie.Three Dog Night. It`s an exhausting list.


In the seventies I guess I was strongly drawn and heavily influenced by prominent guitar players. Jimi Hendrix. Eric Clapton. Joe Walsh. Nils Lofgren. Carlos Santana plus Dave Gilmour in particular to name a few.


Throughout this magical discovery my own musical journey was taking shape.

The calling to join my first band in the eighties put me nervously, with a guitar around my neck and in front a microphone for the first time. My first band Lionheart were a straight up rock n roll band where I cut my teeth on classic rock tunes,playing around the Bournemouth area in the south of England.











Fast forward

I relocated to Sonoma, California in 2008 where shortly after In 2009 I penned the songs for my first album, Redwood Road . Capturing tales of love, life and loss. The title track your`e the reason why was written about my father and gained good radio play across the US thanks to Atlanta ex Motown producer, Bill Jerome.  Listen here >>


I am currently working on new song projects and have a new album in the works as I write.

My shows these days are mainly an acoustic rennaisance of anything from Muddy Waters , Led Zeppelin and The Police, to JohnMayer and beyond. My originals are weaved into my live sets also.


As well as live performance, Glenn has spent many years teaching guitar at all levels. From beginner /intermediate to advanced. One to one and group classes. Working with Yamaha music schools in the UK  in 2004 -2006 Glenn learned invaluable one on one and group teaching techniques which he applies in his lessons today. Covering rock, pop, alternative chord and fingerstyle acoustic and electric guitar .Folk, Jazz, funk. Pupils of all ages can benefit from easy to master chords and riffs. Theory ,if required, is covered in depth with emphasis on rhythm and timing studies,

Glenn has recently been involved with the Lafitte school of music in Sacramento CA  ,again with Yamaha music.